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My name is Maria Ramirez and I am running for Los Angeles County District Attorney because I love LA.  As the only candidate with top management experience in the District Attorney’s Office, I am the most qualified candidate to run the largest local prosecutorial agency in the country. For 32 years, I have devoted my career in public service to helping victims of crime and keeping our communities safe.

As the daughter of immigrants, who grew up in Boyle Heights, I know L.A. County. We need a leader who will focus on public safety, restore accountability and implement a balanced approach to criminal justice. I am ready to be that leader!

I am the only candidate to bring courtroom and trial expertise with top management experience in running a large, complex organization. I promise to bring a balanced approach to our criminal justice system because only then will public safety improve. Please join me in making Los Angeles a safer place for all.

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About Maria

Head Deputy District Attorney, Target Crimes

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office

Maria was born and raised in Los Angeles in the working-class neighborhood of Boyle Heights.  She is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who worked hard to make a new life here.  Her grandfather immigrated to Los Angeles in the 1960s and worked tirelessly as a truck mechanic.  Through sacrifice and hard work, her grandfather and father were able to build a small family trucking business, Ramirez Trucking Company.

Growing up, Maria and her three siblings had a wonderful childhood, feeling loved and protected.  While family life inside the home was idyllic, the gang violence of the 1980s that dominated Los Angeles was right outside their front door.  Neighbors were regularly victimized by senseless violence.  At a young age, Maria witnessed a drive-by shooting in front of her home when she was pushing her baby sister in a stroller and had to run for safety.

Through the strong work ethic instilled in her by her parents, Maria graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a bachelor’s degree in political science and with a Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School. In law school, Maria discovered her passion for criminal justice and helping victims of crime.  Maria joined the District Attorney’s Office in 1990 so that she could fight for the safety of communities in Los Angeles County.

For the past three decades, Maria has been a steadfast advocate for all victims of crimes, with a focus in prosecuting gang violence and drug trafficking. She has forged new paths and broken barriers within the DA’s Office. Maria is the first Latina to be promoted to Head Deputy and Bureau Director level.  As Director of Specialized Prosecutions, she oversaw operations for seven divisions: Major Crimes, Hardcore Gang, Sex Crimes, Family Violence, Crimes Against Peace Officers, Target and Juvenile.

Maria is a proud member of the Mexican American Bar Association where she served as President in 2016.  She currently sits on the boards of the Latino Prosecutor’s Foundation and the Mexican American Bar Foundation, raising money to provide scholarships to exceptional Latino law students in need of financial assistance.

Maria lives in Whitter with her husband, retired Alhambra Fire Department Battalion Chief Edward Guerrero, and their twelve-year-old son Cruz.

We must restore faith in the system. LA County has grown distrustful of and dissatisfied with the leadership from District Attorney Gascón. 36 cities have signed a vote of “No Confidence” in the DA. We, as leaders of the justice system in LA County, must begin to fix the deep erosion of public trust. And that begins with recommitting to actually protecting the residents of Los Angeles County by ending the cycle of violence with appropriate and fair measures of justice. . We must remember the victims of crime who in the last few years, have lost their voice.

George Gascón got reform wrong by blindly implementing blanket policies that did not create sustainable change but rather endangered our communities. Gascon directed the release of a high number of violent offenders without ensuring a safety net for them with jobs and social services. We must keep the community safe by restoring accountability and implementing responsible rehabilitation measures. To get reform right, we must identify specific areas of reform and allocate sufficient resources.

To achieve any meaningful, sustainable change, the DA’s office must collaborate with community leaders to develop effective, fair and responsible crime prevention and reduction strategies in communities that have been burdened with inadequate infrastructure, resources and services.

We must keep searching for a better, fairer way to administer justice. But neither justice nor society are served by letting violent and repeat offenders out of jail without safety nets for our communities. We can find the necessary balance.

Solving the surge in homelessness is one of the most pressing issues we’ve faced in recent years. The County, each City, the medical community, non-profits, law enforcement, and even the DA’s Office have roles to play in reducing LA County’s homeless population. The DA’s office must meaningfully engage with collaborative courts to ensure a rehabilitative path for those suffering from mental health and other addictions.

Gun violence continues to rise in LA County and largely affects our communities of color. We cannot have a revolving door for those who repeatedly bring guns into our neighborhoods and make them easily available. Serious charges and enhancements should be used responsibly to ensure that those committing the most violent crimes and those providing the guns are removed from our communities.

To be able to administer fair, just and ethical criminal justice, the DA’s office needs strong leadership that can guide it through meaningful and thoughtful reform. DA Gascon is not a leader but rather rules with a “it’s my way, or the highway” mentality. The morale in the DA’s office is at an all-time low and because of this Gascon has been ineffective in implementing his reforms. The DA’s office needs an effective leader who can build bridges and use the expertise in the office to create the best DA’s office in the nation.

I am that leader. I will ensure that the LADA is at the forefront of innovative and meaningful reform that does not jeopardize our communities’ safety. I will tap into the expertise of our staff and build bridges between them and community and government groups to build a robust office dedicated to a better LA. Building not just the biggest, but the best law firm in LA.

Immigration is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. My parents were immigrants who came to this country for a better life for their family and were successful. The interplay of immigration and criminal justice cannot be avoided in LA County. It is our responsibility to ensure that immigrant citizens are treated with respect and given a fair opportunity in our criminal justice system. While there are certain dangerous and violent non-citizen offenders we do not want in our county, there are other hardworking, contributing non-citizen members of our society that need and deserve a second chance. We can do that lawfully and fairly.
Public Corruption is far from a victimless crime. In fact, it hurts us all. I will hold accountable the officials bestowed with the public’s trust.

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